Holy crap! so Rice & I decided, what the hell, we’re already in Westchester, and we have been asked on many occasions to go to Randy’s Donuts in Westchester, so finally went. When we got there we were really excited to check out what they had to offer. We drove up and saw a crazy line of cars in their drive through. As well in front, they had a good line, at 11:30 at night! So we naturally though, okay old school shop good prices, good donuts. Wow were we wrong! check out the replay and you can see what kind of customer service we got from Consuela, not really all that helpful, and instead of actually asking us if we needed a box, Consuela just gave us bags for our dounuts, and when we asked for a box, she wanted to charge us .50 cents for the box?!  Okay bye Felicia!  Check out the Replay.