Ever have the situation where your phone is running out battery because one of two things happened? One situation, youʻve been watching all your Periscope streams to catch up on all your favorite broadcasters and you look and youʻre already at 20%, and the notification on your phone pops up to remind you that you donʻt have any place where you can recharge your phone? Or two, that youʻre a broadcaster, and because you broadcast so much that youʻre phone just ate through so much power that youʻre now down to 10%?!?!!?!  What do you do?!!?!? Well Rice and I had similar problems, and we both were fortunate to find a deal at the time we needed this. We both went to Amazon and found this battery back, and we happened to find this on sale for $16.00 with free shipping! So of course we both jumped on it.  Sadly though, looking back through Amazon, itʻs back at itʻs regular price, insert sad face emoji here! However! The price they are currently offering it at, is still a good price! Check it out, we added the links below the picture.


Click here for the Poweradd Pilot S