As many of you have observed from time to time, coming into our scopes. Rice or myself are drinking a colored drink. Well it’s a drink that we learned about from our good friend Dr. George Kosmides. What is it? Well it’s a supplemental drink called L-Arginine, the product is called ProArgi-9+ from a company called Synergy. Now, i’m not about to go into exactly what the product does. However, it’s not a fat burner, but it is a supplement that helps in the creation of Nitric oxide in the blood. The systemic effects of the supplement is that loss of fat though a consistent consumption of the ProArg-9+. If you’re interested in your own supply of the supplement, here are the links to the supplement on Amazon:


ProArgi 9 Plus New Flavor Mixed Berry 1 Jar,11.1 oz

ProArgi 9 Plus New Flavor Grape 1 Jar,11.1 oz

ProArgi 9 Plus Mixed Berry Single Serving Packets

ProArgi 9 Plus Citrus Single Serving Packets