Who's Ready for LA AutoShow 2017?

Who's Ready for LA AutoShow 2017?


Auto-philes, lookie-loos, car buffs, gear heads and the like, guess what's back in Los Angeles, CA?!  That's right, it's the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show!

It's that time of the year, right around Thanksgiving, where you may not know what else there is to do. You might be walking around with all that turkey and pie in the gut, but what better way to walk all that off, than a trip to the auto show? I mean heck, it's been warm lately, it was 95 degrees this pas weekend, perfect weather for "car shopping".

Well as fortune smiles on Rice and I again, we are going to be there with media access, and we'll have some close up views on cars are being eyed on from the internet. Here's what's going to be great about this, tune into our Instagram and Facebook accounts and we'll be posting information for and from the car show. 

If you're serious about attending, and want the details on what and when and how. Look no further here it is:

LA Auto Show
Held every year at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Downtown L.A. This year, it's December 1st - 10th.   Tickets are $5-$15 and you can also buy early entry, special experience and group tickets (or enter to win tickets—see details below). There's parking around the event, or there's The Metro Expo rail line now connects Santa Monica and downtown; the Pico station is just a block from the L.A. Convention Center.

Stuff for the whole Family
What is great about the event is that it's not just for car buffs, families and kids can attend. The family can check out the cars together, get in them, and get a real feel for what's possible. 

One thing that's really over looked many times is that at the LA AutoShow you can sign up for test drives! Be sure to bring with you your driver's licenses. You never know, you may see a ride you like and will be quick to sign up, and if you didn't bring your license.... *cue sad song*

"I said I'm just looking!"
Seriously, one of the great thing about any car show, is the fact the people on the floor at every car booth, is there for YOUR benefit. They're there to help YOU, the show-goer, to get more educated about the cars. They're not there to hustle or pressure you into anything. They're there to give you the most amount of information possible, for anything you're interested in. Gotta love that about the show!


So while we're on the subject of cars, I'm excited to see a few cars in particular, honestly. Among those cars are the Jaguar F-Pace, Mazda CX-9, BMW, and the Hyundai Kona. I mean, hello, I'm half Hawaiian, and the name Kona is in the title... Let's get a good look at this thing and bless it properly ;) I have to say that coming from a generation where Hyundai didn't exist, and seeing where it has come to day, presently, it's a leap forward. I'm a big SUV/SAV driver, it fit's my, Spam's, lifestyle, so looking at these cars hold my interest. 

All-New Hyundai Kona (40).jpg
All-New Hyundai Kona (39).jpg

Give our, Rice and Spam's, recent chance to take test drive with the Hyundai Tuscon, and how well it drove. From how quiet it was in the cabin, to how quick it was on response on the high way on ramp, to some of the creature comforts, I'm very hopeful with what this ride has to offer. 

All-New Hyundai Kona Interior (5).jpg


On thing that has been interesting lately though, and this was brought up during our test drive with the Hyundai Tuscon, was the notion of fuel efficiency. The engines on these cars, the Tuscon and the Kona, and the other cars in this category. Most of these cars are 4 cylinders, if not 6 cylinder. But what's the amazing thing is the gas mileage and performance. I mean think about it, how do you get good mileage with performance? Yes the engines become more efficient, but there's still kinetic energy. Technology has gone so far as to find ways to improve on how much energy is saved through applied energy. Some ways of improving that state of energy is refining the materials that something like the car is constructed from. Let's take steel for instance. As a car's material changes either through technology or yet through refining regulations, it’s important to know the best-performing materials will ultimately provide the most value to drivers, such as refining steel and it's application to the creation of cars. So not only is it technology that's driving these changes, but social climate, economy, and environment. The more refined the materials, like steel, become, the more effective it is in our own wallet/purse. But here's the wicked thing to think about. The more we are confident in the cars we buy because of either aesthetics or the fact the car is cool looking AND it's easier on our wallet because it saves gas, thus prompting us to buy cars. So kudos to technology and the ever evolving use of steel in the creation of our cars. 

Delving into this subject I was able to find more information here at the Steel Market Development Instituted. There at the site, you can get a good idea into what is developing for car manufacturing and steel integration.


Did someone say "Win Tickets?!" - READ BELOW

Yep that's right, you can win yourself some ticekts, right here! Below is a contest giveaway of free tickets to the autos how. A chance to win 1 of a pair of 10 pairs of tickets. OR! a chance to win a Grand Prize of a pair of tickets with a $150.00 Gift Card.

Contest rules: Entries must be completed by midnight November 28, 2017. No purchase necessary; contest open only to US residents; winners will be notified by email by November 30, 2017. Winners MUST pick up tickets in person at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Los Angeles Convention Center, 1202 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90015 between December 1, 2017 and December 10, 2017. Winners may be asked to provide identification to receive their prize. Prize value $30 per prize, not exchangeable for cash or other items. Grand prize value is $180. A total of 10 pairs of tickets will be awarded and a total of 1 grand prize will be awarded.

is a sponsored opportunity through Honda and Steel Market Development Institute (SMDI) but all opinions are my own.

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