Best Freebies at the L.A. Auto Show 2016

Every year, we love going to the Los Angeles Auto Show!
Not only do we get to see and jump in all the newest cars, we also get to find out all about the new technology and features from the brand specialists.
This year, there was some amazing swag and being the deal loving Asian that I am, I want to make sure you have all the inside deets so you can stop by and grab these while supplies last!

  1. $10 Amazon gift cards for filling out a survey (via iPad) at Toyota. If you fit a certain demographic, your survey invites you to take part in a more in-depth panel where you can make $175 for a couple hours of your time!
  2. Free custom buttons at the Ford area. Take your kids or yourself and create some cool free buttons that get made on the spot.
  3. Free digital photo emailed to you at the Ford area.
  4. Free 4GB flash drive from Land Rover for taking part in a survey 
  5. Free cardboard VR goggles from Nissan for downloading their Nissan Innovative Experience App.
  6. Free paper messenger bags for filling out a brief survey at the State Farm booth outside of the West Hall.
  7. Free ultra light weight drawstring knapsacks from Mitsubishi.