So Joanneʻs Birthday was on Wednesday, of course the day right after the  ELECTIONS! She had an awesome day with some of her PeriGirls coming out to surprise and celebrate her day with her. So as it was left, we had the weekend, and I wanted to take her out for her birthday dinner. Well i was thinking well, letʻs go some place cool. So I found a place in Downtown Los Angeles, called Sushi Zo. Itʻs an awesome sushi restaurant, where they wont serve California Rolls. What I was going to do was do their Omakase dinner. Itʻs basically where the chef chooses what fish you are going to eat. Itʻs like a 12 course sushi dinner, where you get 12 different samplings of exotic fish. So I present this to Joanne, and she says, he look i got this coupon in the mail, dinner for two at Royʻs Hawaiian Cuisine, itʻs 50 bucks, normally 120.  We look at each other and say, "Done!" Come on itʻ s a hell of a good deal! Two complete dinners appetizer, salad, entree, and dessert for 2 for $50!? So what do I do? I buy two of those coupons and book a reservation for the both of us. 

The food was really good, she had the beef brisket, and i had the salmon. It was really good, so much so that we both were stuffed by the end of the dinner. We had to walk Pasadena at 9pm at night just to walk off dinner!  Here are some fun photos we took while out and about.