Top 3 Things We Saw at CES So Far

Top 3 Things We Saw at CES So Far

3 Best things we've seen at the Electronics Show

Walking the floor of the electronics show, for the first two days, we are reminded how humongous this place is. We started at the South Hall on the 2nd floor. Wow so many people so many exhibitors. It is really a lot to take in, and this was just the beginning. So I'll get right to the point. After the second day at the electronics show, we are sharing the top 3 things we liked at the show. 


The Insta360 One - o right off the bat. This piece of technology is a huge step up from last year's Insta360 Nano. One of the more recognizable feature that stood out for us was how it connected with our phones. We have iPhones and this model, the way it connects with the phone is much better than the last model. The last model required you to remove your phone case if you had one, and when you were finished you could put your phone back on. Well the One allows you to connect even with your phone case on. What a great convenience. They've added some other awesome features to the One, like having a dual view when live streaming, you can see two angles with the two lenses on the device.  Also there's a mode called "ullet Time", it's when you turn on slow motion and then spin the thing around your head. It captures video slow mo and it looks like the camera is flying through the are while the world around you is still, it's awesome. You can check out the Insta360 ONE here.


Marrantz Turret - Ok this was kind of a surprise to us. We had been just walking the floor and walking towards the back end of the Central Hall, and we came across the Marrantz booth, and there was a demonstration of a product going on with the sales person and some people. Well Joanne and I ended up walking up watching and listening to the pitch. To our surprise, it was something that's right up the alley of most live streamers. Most live streamers have gear on their desktop that's usually ala carte, different pieces that make up their whole studio. Pieces like Microphones, Cameras, Light, and the cords that connect them. Well this product is a merge of all those things. Imagine one product having the camera at the top and an arm with a microphone at the end that's position-able, then buttons to be able to turn the video or audio on and off. Well that's what this is. The camera is based on the logitech technology of their C90 web cameras with hardware encoding using the H264 encoder. Then they have their own microphone that's touted to be very good. The person that demonstrated the item, was not able to tell us if it's comparable to the yet. But the price point was pretty good, it's coming in at $299.00 For most people that's a lot, but others, that's actually pretty good.  Considering a good mic is not cheap, the web cam is about 100 but having it all together in one place is awesome. 


Casio WSD-F20 Outdoor Smart Watch - This was a big surprise. We came into the casio booth with out really expecting much. I remember having a casio keyboard when i was a kid, and the casio calculator watch. I mean, that was the lasting memory of Casio. But the crazy thing is that they have really expanded their scope of products, printing color, fabrication etc. Well they took their G-Shock watches much father. This is not your father's watch. I can go into deal ad nauseum but i don't want to make your eyes bleed. The things that stood out for me was that a few features. 1.) was that they hap map feature, if you're a hiker they have a map feature that's not just roads or paths, but also terrain. And it has the ability to download maps to the phone so if you're out of connectivity rage, you can still keep finding your way. 2) they have an action camera that's in a rugged case, and connects to the watch! you can see the images on the watch face because the whole watch face is digital, like an LED screen. You can take pictures with the watch via the camera, as well as record video the same way. Once captured you can play all that back from the watch. You can check out the Casio WSD-F20 Here...

The list is too small really, but considering the size of the electronics show, new products and latest technology that was present, these items stuck out the most to he both of us. 

Stay tuned more to come!


GoRiceGirl Broadcasting Live from the floor of #CES 2018

GoRiceGirl Broadcasting Live from the floor of #CES 2018