All in Fun

What kind of cigar is this?

So Spam went to a silent auction with Rice and he bid on a lot of things. Well he ended up winning a lot of things. One of the items Spam one had cigars, but another package had chocolate in the form of Cigars. On periscope, we asked our viewers, “what kind of cigar is this?” and wanted to hear from them what their thoughts were.  Was it a cuban, a strat, or what?

Lunch Time Field Trip

The service was so quick and the food was so yummy, we found ourselves with some extra time to kill. We decided to walk some of the burrito calories off by doing a quick stroll around the hood.

Rice and Spam in Lompoc

So rice and I spent some time in Lompoc Ca. We did a day of sight seeing on a nickel and dime tour. One place we stopped off at on Saturday was “Surf”. Well while we were there we found out that a train was inbound. Well what did we do? Well watch the video to find out…