5 Fun Things at the Houston Autoshow

Who doesn't love cars?! I mean really the fresh new car smell, the clean lines the glossy shiny polish of a new show room car?! Right!? Well there's nothing more exciting than to see some brand spanking new cars in person up close and personal. That's what Joanne and I did while attending the 2017 Houston Auto Show in April. 

Periscope 360

Hey guys, so we have been testing out the new Periscope 360 feature and we are pretty excited about it. We have been testing out the hardware called Insta 360 nano, itʻs a pice of hardware that you can use to scope in 360. 

It's LA AutoShow Time Again!

Hey, Los Angeles!
Well, it's that time of the year again, when the weather cools down to a warm and balmy 80 degrees in L.A., Daylight Savings Time affords us one additional hour of sleep, people are prepping for the their Thanksgiving Holiday and the Los Angeles Auto Show comes into town!


Celebrating Riceʻs Birthday ...

So Joanneʻs Birthday was on Wednesday, of course the day right after the  ELECTIONS! She had an awesome day with some of her PeriGirls coming out to surprise and celebrate her day with her. So as it was left, we had the weekend, and I wanted to take her out for her birthday dinner. Well i was thinking well, letʻs go some place cool. So I found a place in Downtown Los Angeles, called Sushi Zo. 

So we have this guy for President...

Now get back to work already. Rice and I were up late speaking on the on coming win or loss, it didʻt matter. We wanted to get on and speak on how the sun is going to rise in the morning. Hell hasnʻt froze over, pigs arenʻt flying, and no, the cows havenʻt come home. We are all going to have to learn to see how this is going to unfold. To all those that have threatened to leave the country, "By Felicia", we wont miss you. Creation and steadfast of a country depends on itʻs people. 

Which Periscope would you Most Like to Meet?

As the title suggests, Rice and Spam set out to ask the viewers which Periscoper you would most like to meet in person. We were surprised to see some of the answers and very happy to hear that some of you want to meet us in person. We will have to some how win the Lottery, or come into a very large sum of money to coordinate a world wide meetup and invite everyone!